Funds are non-transferable between co-located events.  Funds owed or paid to one event may not be transferred toward services at the other event. This includes, but is not limited to, exhibit booths, registrations and sponsorships.


Exhibit Booth
Signed reservation forms, online website reservations, email reservations and verbal requests are all subject to the cancellation policy.

All cancellations must be emailed to

Booths cancelled by June 1st receive a 100% refund.

Booths cancelled by October 1st receive a 50% refund or owe 50% of the invoice amount.

There are no refunds for booths cancelled after October 1st, and 100% of the invoice amount is due.


Attendee Registrations

Registrations may be transferred at any time by sending the following to

Cancelled AttendeeNew Attendee


Job Title

Attendees cancelled by November 1st receive a  refund, minus a $150 service fee.

Attendees cancelled by January 10th receive a credit, minus a $150 service fee, for the following years conference.

After January 10th there are no credits and no refunds.


Optional Items
Golf, flash drives, meal tickets, workshops, sponsorships or any other optional purchase will not receive a credit or refund at any time.

Badge Swapping

A conference badge of any type is intended for the person named on the badge.  Anyone wearing a badge that is not in their name, will be asked to leave the facility, and the company of the person named on the badge will be charged the maximum registration rate of an on-site registration.


Spouse Registrations
This registration allows one spouse to attend the exhibit hall, technical sessions and Super Bowl party with a full conference registrant.  Spouses with different last names will be asked to validate.  Registration is subject to the planner’s discretion.  False registration is subject to the maximum registration rate and billed to the full registrants company.